Sunday, 21 July 2013

Flea Market Finds - July

Today's Flea Market day out was not such a long one, as anyone who knows will tell you, I tend to wilt in the sunshine! And it was certainly sunny. Today I was mainly looking for bits to display my products on when I have my stall at Nunney Fayre (Sat 3rd of Aug in Nunney, do visit!) I picked up this rather rickety stool on which to display my lampshades, and a small corner shelf to display other bits n bobs. 
I also got a sweet old birthday postcard, a "Daily Mail Annual for girls & boys" and a Cricketer magazine from 1951, which I thought would be good for collaging. I have already started priming the shelves and stool to be painted in a nice cream colour ready for my stall, I'll post finished pics soon!

Flea market finds july

Flea market finds 2

Flea market finds 3