Friday, 21 December 2012

How to make a Christmas Gift Box

A couple of years ago I shared on Folksy this tutorial about how to make a Christmas (or any other) gift box, I just remembered about it as I want to make a little box for one of my Christmas gifts, so I thought I'd share with you here :)

How to make a gift box:
You need: A square piece of coloured card or an old greetings card (front and back)
A Ruler, a pencil, some scissors or a scalpel.

Stage 1
Find an old Christmas card and cut off the front page and put aside the back. Crop it to a square shape (if not already). Try to use a card larger than about 12cm square otherwise your box will be very fiddly and small! The finished box will be about a third the width of your card size. You can use any sheet or card if you want to or a large piece for a bigger box.
Stage 2
Draw a line from corner to corner on the back of the card (dont worry this wont be seen) and then from the other corners. There shouldn't be any need to measure anything on the card. Now that you have found the middle of your square you can draw a vertical and a horizontal line. Draw from the corners of these lines some vertical lines, carry on until the back of your card looks like that of the photo.
Stage 2

Stage 3
Now cut and score the lines as shown in the image, using scissors or a scalpel 

Stage 3
Stage 4
Fold the corner triangles backwards. Then fold the two that are on the square sections into the middle. (you can fold them back again in a minute).
Stage 4

 Stage 5
Fold other sides into the middle as shown. Tuck the triangle edges inwards.
Stage 5

Stage 6
Fold the square sections over the top of the tucked in bits and the top of your box is ready. There should be no to stick it but you can if you want to. Repeat the whole process again using the back of the card to make the bottom of the box. It's a good idea to make the square in stage one a little smaller so that your finished bottom half will fit inside the top. Now you have a festive gift box and you can make any size you want!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ideal Christmas Presents!

Are you still looking for a Christmas gift for a hard to buy for loved-one? how about an original screen print that hardly anyone else will have!

Here are some of my prints that are still available in my shop, just put one in a frame and it will make a lovely present :)

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Flea Market finds

A very windy and chilly Flea market at Shepton today, not as many stalls as sometimes but still I managed to find a few bits. The suitcase is so cute I'm going to add it to my pile of suitcases as soon as I can find a new home for my recycling bin. Saw an amazing mid-century modern sideboard but alas it would have been too big to fit in my tiny car (and most probably my tiny house!) One day...
Pretty brooch

Cheese dish, brooches, tiny suitcase and type tray

I think the cheese dish glass might look nicer on a vintage plate

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Another Christmas wreath!

A blue, pink and green Christmas Wreath for my friend Laura :)